Document Checklist: Digital Nomads Visa Outside of Canada

  1. Application for Temporary Resident Visa Made Outside of Canada (IMM5257)
  2. Family information (IMM 5645)
  3. Use of Representative (IMM5476)
  4. Passport
  5. Digital Photo
  6. Travel history information,
  7. Itinerary (booking only):
  8. Bank account statement:
  9. Visiting Plan: Your weekly plan for the next 5.5 months stating your residence, activities, expenses, etc.
  10. Employment contracts: All current and previous contracts, and an explanation of the work you are doing and that you can perform your duties remotely. Include reasons for leaving, the hours you worked, your gross earnings, etc.
  11. Purpose of Travel: Details why you want to come to Canada. Why not other countries?
  12. Proof of studies: All your educational documents/certificates, etc.
  13. Proof of private medical insurance with a Canadian insurance company,
  14. Proof of assets in Pakistan: land titles, businesses, etc.

Note: These are the initial documents, I may advise you to provide additional documents based on your profile. 

Download PDF, link:

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