Can I go to the border to get the work permit if I am out of status right now?

It is important to approach situations where you are out of status with caution. If you are currently in Canada and find yourself out of status, it is generally not advisable to attempt to resolve your status by going to the border. Doing so could result in being denied entry back into Canada, and potentially facing an exclusion order or other enforcement actions.

If you are out of status, you may have options to restore your status within Canada, provided you act within a certain timeframe. In Canada, there is a provision to apply to restore your status as a worker within 90 days of it having expired, as long as you continue to meet the initial requirements for your stay and have not failed to comply with other conditions imposed.

However, each case is unique, and it is crucial to get personalized advice based on the specifics of your situation. I strongly recommend consulting with a licensed immigration consultant or an immigration lawyer to understand the best course of action for your circumstances. They can provide guidance on whether it is possible to restore your status, or if there are other more appropriate pathways or remedies for your situation.

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