Some people would really love to do their own work rather than outsourcing it to someone they have never met or heard about before. If you are in this group, this page is for your, keep reading.

In order to immigrate to Canada without a lwyer, follow these steps:

Step 1: Read relevant sections of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act and Regulations. If you are applying for a study permit, or a visitor visa etc. go to IRPA and IRPA, find the relevant section, read the requirements, and list them down.

Step 2: Go to the Canada immigration website and find the application. On the application page, you will find all essential information such as a brief introduction about the program or application, eligibility, how to apply and will also give you a link to either a paper-based application or an online one.

Step 3: Before pressing the apply button, please find the specific guide for your application type. Each and every application comes with guidelines especially created for ordinary persons like you. For example, if you are applying for a study permit, try searching Study Permit Application Guide. Only rely on the official sources ( or CIC.GC.CA).

Step 4: Don’t apply yet, you still need to make sure you have all documents ready, and all ground covered. In this step, you will need to put the requirements mentioned in the IRPR and the eligibility criteria mentioned on the Canada immigration website together and make sure you are fully eligible and have all documents ready. For example, make sure your pictures are current, your passport has sufficient time available, etc.

Step 5: Write at least one-page reasons, that why IRCC (Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada) should accept your application? Think from the officer’s perspective, ask yourself questions and respond to them in this submissions letter. If you have previous refusals make sure you mention them and give reasons why this application is different and why your application should be accepted this time.

Step 6: Complete the application as soon as possible. Urgency is important because you might have read the requirement a few days ago and have downloaded the application accordingly, but after that something might have been changed or updated by the Canadian government. Some requirements may be added or removed. Therefore, it is important to complete the application as soon as possible after reading the requirements.

Step 7: Sleep on it for a day. Never complete and send the application on the same day. Once you completed the application, leave it and forget it for a day. The next day, open the application, read it, go back to the requirements page/documents checklists, etc. and make sure everything is perfectly completed.

Step 8: Sign and date the application, and then press that magical submit button. Some people may upload all the files but forget that uploading a file is different than submitting it. Make sure your file is sent or submitted.

Step 9: Check your application’s official processing time on the website. Do not worry about your application until the processing time has finished. If that application has a profile section that allows you to check progress and read the government correspondence, make sure you check your email and your official government profile on a regular basis. A regular basis doesn’t mean every day or several times every day.

Step 10: Receive results from the IRCC and act accordingly. If you got a positive decision, and your application was accepted, get ready for travels. If your application was refused, do not panic, there may be some remedies available. The majority of the applications will have an appeal process during a particular period of time. If you are absolutely sure, you have done everything correctly, and you should have received a positive decision, you may appeal. This appeal is different from application to application and the duration may vary too, therefore, I would recommend do not to appeal by yourself, get some external help.

If you want to shorten this above ten steps journey to a single step, I have good news for you. I have created a guide book which covers all permanent residence programs of Canada, including but not limited to federal immigration programs, provincial nominee programs, Quebec immigration, sponsorships, refugees, etc. This guide contains provides the following information about each and every single permanent residence program of Canada:

  • Introduction
  • How to apply?
  • Program requirements,
  • Links to the program application page.

This guide is available on Amazon and has 30-day money-back guarantee. If you didn’t like it, simply return it to Amazon, you may get a refund or a replacement, however, none of the previous buyers have ever returned this guide, not a single one.

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