Before discussing this topic, let us go back and see how temporary residents currently transition to permanent residence. Generally speaking, they transition into one of the following classes:

1: 80% of TR to PR transitions under one of the economic class programs.

2: 17% of the TR to PR transitions under family class (mainly due to marrying a Canadian PR or a citizen).

3: approximately 3% of the temporary residents’ transition under Refugee/H&C, others’ class.

Now let us come to the topic, specifically speaking, how to transition from a temporary status to permanent status.

As previously mentioned, there are 4 groups of temporary residence status;

1: visitors,

2: Students,

3: Workers,

4: Temporary resident permit holders (TRP)

Please note, that not all groups of temporary residents are created equally, some groups of temporary residence classes have specific pathways for transition from temporary status to one of the economic class permanent residents programs, but some groups don’t have such pathways. If you can don’t have a pathway through economic class programs, you can try transitioning under a family class or even a refugee class if you qualify. Please note, these two classes are not typical TR to PR transition classes, but they are open for you if you qualify.

In the following topics, we will only focus on the transition of each one of the 4 temporary residence groups to economic class programs.

Can Visitors become permanent residents?

Since visitors cannot apply for a job or look for a job in Canada, therefore this is not a good pathway for changing your status to permanent residence. However, if you were able to receive a job offer, meeting the valid job offer criteria, you can use it to your advantage to apply for permanent residence. There is a separate topic that explains what is a valid job offer and what kind of job offers can be used for permanent residence.

Can Students become permanent residents?

not all students have the option to apply for permanent residence, only those students can transition to PR, who are eligible to apply for a post-graduation work permit. Details about the Post Graduation Work Permit Program are given under a separate title.

Can workers become permanent residents?

Temporary foreign workers in Canada are the best-suited class for transitioning to permanent residence. These people have to work in Canada for at least 1 year, they can apply for the absolute majority of the economic classes PR programs if they are still in Canada, however, their chances dramatically decrease once they leave Canada and apply from abroad.

Can temporary residence permit holders become permanent residents?

if these people continuously live in Canada for 3 to 5 years (depending on the type of inadmissibility) and do not become inadmissible on other grounds, and still have their TRP status, then they would become eligible to apply for Permanent residence. They can also sponsor family members once they become permanent residents.

If you were originally found inadmissible on the basis of the following grounds, you will need to wait at least three years before applying for permanent residence:

1: inadmissible on health grounds under subsection A38(1); or

2: inadmissible for having come to Canada as an accompanying family member of a foreign national who is inadmissible on health grounds; or

3: inadmissible on grounds of having come to Canada as an accompanying family member of a person described above.

You need to wait for at least 5 years before applying for PR in the following cases:

1: security under section [A34]

2: violation of human or international rights under section [A35]

3: serious criminality under sub-section [A36(1)]

4: organized crime under section [A37]

Temporary Residence Pathways

Though this is not a permanent pathway for temporary residents to transition to permanent residence, the government of Canada announces special TR to PR programs almost every year for a limited time, if you are in Canada on a temporary status, closely monitor the website in case you get lucky and there is a program for you.

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