Saskatchewan SINP Entrepreneur Program 2023

This program is for businesspersons who would like to start, own or partner in a business in Saskatchewan.

How to apply? Submit an expression of interest to the SINP and attend an interview. If you were successful in the assessment stage, you will be sent a Business Performance Agreement (BPA) to review and sign. SINP will then issue you a SINP Entrepreneur Approval Letter and will instruct you to apply for a temporary work permit to IRCC. You need a temporary work permit to come to Saskatchewan and start your business. To apply for TWP you will need to register at IRCC Employer Portal as the employer of your own business (self-employed person) and apply as LMIA exempt (exemption code C11). Once you get your work permit, you will need to move to Saskatchewan and start your business. You must run the business for at least 6 months to be eligible to apply for nomination. Then, apply for nomination through the SINP Online System. If your nomination was approved, you will receive a nomination certification and instruction letter on how to apply for permanent residence to IRCC. 

Provincial Point SystemSINP Entrepreneur Category Expression of Interest (EOI) Points Assessment Grid, which includes points for age (15 points), Exploratory visit (15 points), Language (15 points), education (15 points), net worth (15 points), business experience (20 points), Business revenue (20 points), Innovation (10 points), investment (20 points), and key sectors investment (15 points).
LanguageThe language test is not mandatory, however, if you want points, you must present your English/French language results.
Experience Minimum of 3 years of business ownership or business management experience in the past 10 years.
OthersNet worth: must have a net worth of $500,000 or more.Investment: $300,000 for investment in Regina and Saskatoon, or a minimum of $200,000 in all other Saskatchewan communities. You must own 33.33% of the business unless your total investment is $1 million or more. Business Plan: Must submit a Business Establishment Plan (BEP) if you are invited. Job Creation: must create at least 2 jobs for non-family persons.


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