Yukon Critical Impact Worker 2023

This is an employer-driven immigration stream that allows employers to hire foreign national skilled workers in NOC TEER 4 OR 5. The employer must provide a full-time, non-seasonal job offer that is at least for 1 year or longer.

How to apply? Once the employer exhausted all local and national recruitment channels, then the employer can offer a foreign national a full-time, permanent job offer and require them to complete immigration documents for nomination. The employer will need to submit the nomination application on behalf of the employee to the YNP. Once the application is approved the employee will be nominated and asked to submit a temporary work permit application to IRCC and also submits an application for permanent residence to IRCC. The nominee can work under the temporary work permit until the permanent residence application is completed.

LanguageMinimum CLB/NCLC level 4.
ExperienceMinimum of 6 months of full-time relevant experience in the past 10 years.
Job OfferMust have a job offer in NOC TEER 4 OR 5 that is at least 1 year long and non-seasonal, from an eligible Yukon employer.
EducationCanadian high school education or ECA, or higher if required by the position or the NOC. If a foreign national is currently on a student permit, they must have completed a 1-year certificate, or 2-year diploma or a bachelor’s degree program in Canada.
Settlement FundsA settlement and retention plan should be provided by the employer.



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