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    Beware of false information

    62% of the internet is made up of unreliable information, and studies have shown that Facebook algorithms amplify misinformation because they get approximately 6 times more clicks from users. There are so many gruesome statistics that forced us to create this reliable and accurate guide so immigrants can watch reliable information and not get exploited.

    Ultimate Guide

    This is all you will ever need.

    This ultimate Canadian immigration guide comprehensively covers all pillars of the Canadian immigration system in as much details as deemed necessary. It was developed for the purpose of becoming your one and only go to guide regarding Canada immigration, so you don’t need other resources.

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    What is included?

    Followings are a few of the titles, all titles are so many that can’t be listed here.

    Understand the system, play the game.

    Comprehensive Overview of the Canadian Immigration System

    We cover the entire overview of Canadian immigration system and also provides you with diagrams that include all major immigration pathways. We will give you a tone of statistics for each immigration class you can evaluate which immigration program is more likely appropriate for you and which one isn’t.

    A few topics

    Pillars of the Canadian immigration system including diagram and statistics about each pillar and immigration programs: Statistics include followings: Number of Temporary Residents Number of Permanent Residents Number of naturalized Citizens Economic Class Plan for 2023 Number of Family Class Number of Refugees and protected persons, H&C and Others

    Who can go to Canada? Who can go to Canada as a Temporary Resident? Who can go to Canada as a permanent resident?

    Permanent residents admitted in 2019 by Destination and Which province is popular amongst new immigrants?

    Which government organizations are responsible for immigration? Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Employment and Social Development Canada (ESDC) Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB) Federal and Provincial Job websites (Downloadable PDF Link)

    Types of Removal Orders from Canada Departure Order Exclusion Order Deportation Order

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    Come to Canada Temporarily

    Temporary Residence Programs

    Millions of people come to Canada for visit, work or study each year and the number is ever increasing. Our guide tells you which program is good for permanent residence and which isn’t.

    A few topics

    Overview of temporary residence programs which include What is a temporary residence status? What is a Visa? Duration of Stay, What is the difference between a TR and a PR?

    How to go to Canada as a visitor? including What are the most common types of Visit Visas? Multiple Entry Visa (MEV), Single Entry Visa (SEV), Transit Visa, Who is eligible for a visitor visa? What is a Super Visa? Who is eligible for a Super Visa and what documents are required for the super visa application? Understand your visa code.

    How to go to Canada as a Student? Including Who is a student? Where do the majority of international students come from? What do international students study in Canada? Where do the majority of international students study in Canada? How to get admission in a Canadian university as an international student? University Admission Checklist, What is a study permit? How to get a study permit as an international student? Study Permit Application Checklist.

    How to go to Canada as a worker? Including What is “work”, "work permit" and "Worker" ? Who can apply for a work permit from inside Canada? Four Types of Workers in Canada, What is NOC 2021? Do you need LMIA or a work permit? LMIA exemption Streams, Work Permit Exemption Streams etc.

    What is a temporary resident permit (TRP)? Including When is a TRP issued? How to apply for a TRP from inside and outside Canada? Can TRP holders become permanent residents? etc.

    how to change your status from TR to PR? Including How to transition from a temporary status to permanent residence? What is a valid job offer for Express Entry Application?

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    Focus on the key!

    You only need one immigration program to successfully land in Canada.

    This guide will help you find your immigration program that can land you in Canada. Canada has around 100 immigration program and we will provide you with the list and links to go through all of them. Though all programs are not explained in this guide, we have explained all major federal immigration programs. We may add details of the minor programs if there was a demand for it.

    A few topics

    Overview of permanent residence programs, including Who is a permanent resident? How to get permanent residency in Canada? Permanent residence Classes, Why become a permanent resident of Canada? What a permanent resident cannot do? Can you lose your PR status?

    Economic Classes detailed section that includes What is Economic Class Immigration? Who are Economic Immigration programs designed for? How are economic immigration programs processed? What is Express Entry? How Express Entry Works? Major Steps in Express Entry, Express Entry Application and Documents Checklist, How to analyze CRS score distribution with Examples, Express Entry Ranking – CRS Calculator.

    Major immigration programs details including 1-Federal Skilled Worker Class – FSWC, 2-Federal Skilled Trade Class – FSTC, 3-Canadian Experience Class – CEC, 4-Start-up Business Class / Start-up Visa Program, 5-Self-employed Persons Class, 6-Atlantic Immigration Program – AIP, 7-Agri-Food Pilot (AFP) or Agri-food Immigration Pilot Program, 8-Rural and Northern Immigration Pilot (RNIP) Program, 9-Caregivers: Home Child-Care Provider Pilot (HCCPP) and Home Support Worker Pilot (HSWP)

    Details about Refugee and H&C Class including 10s of topics.

    Details about Refugee and H&C Class, including 10s of topics.

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    Citizenship matters!

    The ultimate goal of all immigrants.

    Though there are 4 ways for acquiring a Canadian citizenship, majority of immigrants are aiming for citizenship by naturalization. This guide will help you successfully transition from a permanent residence status to a citizen status.

    A few topics

    Overview of Citizenship including Who is a Canadian Citizen? How to Acquire Canadian Citizenship? Citizenship by Birth, Citizenship by bloodline, Citizenship by Adoption, Citizenship by naturalisation, How to become eligible for Canadian Citizenship by Naturalization? What is difference between Canadian Citizen and a permanent resident?

    citizenship process including Citizenship Process and Oath/Affirmation of Citizenship, Deconstruction of Physical Presence Calculator (for citizenship application),

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    Beware of Scams

    Access reliable information from a reliable source.

    We provide you with reliable platform to access valid and correct information only. Our guide will also educate you how to detect scams and how to rectify the situation if already in one.

    A few topics

    Overview of Fraud Prevention

    Who can help you with your Canadian immigration matters?

    Red Flags

    How to protect yourself?

    Complaints and Loss Prevention

    What kind of complaints are entertained?

    Complains Process

    Resources and Websites

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    Sample Videos

    Sample Videos

    Canadian Immigration System

    Three pillars of the Canadian Immigration System Canada's immigration system is based on three pillars, we will call these pillars categories here for the sake of simplicity. These three categories are: 1) Temporary Residence 2) Permanent Residence 3) Citizenship We will briefly examine each category's statistics and its internal classes in the following videos. Details of each category will be provided under separate titles. As mentioned in this video, al diagrams and materials of each video are also available for download. Click on the red play button to play this sample video.

    Sample Videos

    Temporary Residence Statistics

    Each video has closed captioning to help every one easily understand the video contents. Please follow the following text in the video closed captioning.

    Sample Videos

    Permanent Residence Statistics

    As you can see in this video, I have divided big topics into sub topics and have made them shorter for easy consumption. All major classes of permanent residence immigration are reasonably divided and information are provided in chunks coherently and logically.

    Sample Videos

    Citizenship Statistics

    Each topic is strictly talking about a single subject. As you can see in this video, it is only about statistics, and have pointed the viewers to go to the citizenship section if you want to know more about citizenship. If we put all four types of citizenship in this single video, it would become overwhelming and viewers won't be able to enjoy the process.

    You are the key!

    Find your door!

    If every immigration program is an entry door, and you are the key, don't try to open every door and see if it works for you. You need to systematically understand yourself and identify the the door you can open!

    Don't waste your time imitating others and reading random topics about immigration programs on Facebook, CIC News, etc. everyone is unique and so are you. Others solutions will not help you. Time to take charge and watch what really matters.

    I developed this guide from my 6+ years of Canadian immigration experience working with approximately 1000+ clients through out my immigration career. I know what you need. I don’t just imagine stuff!

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    Know the author

    Khalil Humam

    I am a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a member of both College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and he Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) in good standing. I have been working in the immigration sector since 2017 and have assisted more than 1000 people with their immigration, refugee and citizenship matters. I have developed this guide based on my extensive immigration knowledge and years of experience in the immigration industry to respond to the ever increasing need of both current immigrants and aspiring immigrants to successfully settle in Canada. You can verify my formal credentials from the following two links by searching my last name (Humam).

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Khalil Humam (RCIC) personally designed and developed all the contents from A to Z. Mr. Humam is a regulated and licensed Canadian Immigration Consultant, who is a member of both College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and Canadian Association Of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) in good standing. Search his last name (Humam) to easily find his status on both websites, links below:
    CICC: https://college-ic.ca/protecting-the-public/find-an-immigration-consultant?l=en-CA
    CAPIC: https://www.capic.ca/EN/ActiveMembersList

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