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You only need ONE immigration program to successfully land in Canada. We will give you 100s of options and enables you to make the right decision.

You can also use our self-help books/guide that are absolutely essential if you are thinking of not using the services of an immigration consultant.

If you are an email guy, here is our email care@unlockimmigration.ca, feel free to send us an email.

We assist, educate and empower immigrants.

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    Result oriented contents, purely focusing on achievable outcomes. We are not selling you IRCC’s free information.


    The video guide is professionally presented to avoid wasting your precious time with unnecessary pauses, fillers and gaps in the delivery. Our AI presenter rocks!


    Our books are focusing on enriching your abilities and enabling you to chose what works for you, not what is available out there. Remember you are the key, find the lock you can open!

    Hire me to do it for you, or buy one of the following do-it-yourself guides

    Do-it-yourself guides


    Reliable and Easy to Consume.

    Reliable Legal Guide: Information is carefully vetted and only reliable and accurate information is presented.

    Short and Easy to Consume: Our largest videos are 3 minutes long. We have made them short to accommodate your busy schedule, and make it easy for consumption.

    Beware of false information

    62% of the internet is made up of unreliable information, and studies have shown that Facebook algorithms amplify misinformation because they get approximately 6 times more clicks from users. There are so many gruesome statistics that forced us to create this reliable and accurate guide so immigrants can watch reliable information and not get exploited.

    Ultimate Guide

    This is all you will ever need.

    This ultimate Canadian immigration guide comprehensively covers all pillars of the Canadian immigration system in as much details as deemed necessary. It was developed for the purpose of becoming your one and only go to guide regarding Canada immigration, so you don’t need other resources.

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    You are the key!

    Find your door!

    If every immigration program is an entry door, and you are the key, don't try to open every door and see if it works for you. You need to systematically understand yourself and identify the the door you can open!

    Don't waste your time imitating others and reading random topics about immigration programs on Facebook, CIC News, etc. everyone is unique and so are you. Others solutions will not help you. Time to take charge and watch what really matters.

    I developed this guide from my 6+ years of Canadian immigration experience working with approximately 1000+ clients through out my immigration career. I know what you need. I don’t just imagine stuff!

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    Know the author

    Khalil Humam

    I am a regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) and a member of both College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC) and he Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) in good standing. I have been working in the immigration sector since 2017 and have assisted more than 1000 people with their immigration, refugee and citizenship matters. I have developed this guide based on my extensive immigration knowledge and years of experience in the immigration industry to respond to the ever increasing need of both current immigrants and aspiring immigrants to successfully settle in Canada. You can verify my formal credentials from the following two links by searching my last name (Humam).

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