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We put U before profits and expenses. We understand immigration is a life-changing experience and should not be compromised due to constraints of time or other resources. We will do everything humanly possible to put you first and funnel all our resources to make your immigration successful.

فارسی: ما شما را قبل از نفع و زیان خود قرار میدهیم. ما درک میکنیم که مهاجرت یک تجربه تغیر دهنده زندگی هست که بخاطر کمبود وقت یا منابع دیگر نباید با آن معامله صورت گیرد. بنا بر این ما تمام تلاش خود را خواهیم نمود تا شما را در اولویت خود قرار بدهیم و تمام منابع خود هماهنگ نماییم تا مهاجرت شما را موفق بسازیم

پښتو: مونږ تاسې ته له خپلې ګټې او تاوان لومړیتوب درکوو. مونږ پوهیږو چې مهاجرت یوه ژوند بدلوونکې تجربه ده چې د وخت یا نورو منابعو د کمښت لامله پرې باید معامله ونشي. نو ځکه به مونږ خپل ټول انساني توان په کار واچوو چې تاسې ته لومړیتوب درکړو، خپل ټول منابع به راټول کړو ترڅو ستاسې مهاجرت کامیاب کړو

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    Get S.M.A.R.T immigration objectives to avoid wasting time and resources.


    Evaluate your immigration options to do what you can and avoid what you can’t.


    Submit a professional, complete and correct application without breaking the bank.

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    Apply Directly to and Study at 1,500+ schools, colleges and universities in Canada, the US, UK, and Australia.

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    Immigration Programs by Category

    Our full-service immigration firm provides comprehensive immigration and citizenship services. A list of commonly requested services is provided here. For details please click the (Read More) link under each box. If you can not find any specific service, please feel free to contact us.

    Temporary Residence

    Over 35 million people visit Canada every year to take…

    Read More
    Permanent Residence

    In 2019, Canada received more than 341,000 permanent residents, including…

    Read More
    Refugees and asylum

    In 2019 alone, Canada resettled 30,000 refugees from abroad. Canada…

    Read More
    Permanent Resident Status and Documents

    A PR card is not a status, it is a…

    Read More
    Provincial Nominee Programs

    PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the most…

    Read More
    Business and Self-employment

    The self-employment program enables people to immigrate to Canada…

    Read More

    There are different ways for people to become Canadian citizens,…

    Read More

    Every person is unique, and every immigration program is also…

    Read More

    There are 115+ Canadian immigration programs, it is nearly impossible…

    Read More

    Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

    A complete list of all provincial immigration programs is provided here for your quick reference. We would be glad to advise the best programs for you, assess your eligibility or apply for you.


    Alberta Immigration Nominee Program (AINP) is one of the provincial programs which allows applicant to…

    British Columbia

    BC has one of the most robust immigration programs in the country. BC has a…


    Manitobans are proud of their rich cultural history and natural beauty. It offers verities of…

    New Brunswick

    New Brunswick provincial nominee program is mostly for skilled, educated and experienced individuals. Like many…

    Newfoundland and Labrador

    Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Program (NLPNP) is for skilled workers, international graduates and their…

    Northwest Territories

    NWT has made it easier for all, you got only two options; either immigrate as…

    Nova Scotia

    Nova Scotia Nominee Program (NSNP) is for skilled and experienced workers and entrepreneurs. Nova Scotia…


    Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) is a little more complicated than most provinces, however, you…

    Prince Edward Island

    PEI is the smallest province located on the east coast. If you are a small…

    Quebec (Non-PNP)

    The province of Quebec does not have provincial immigration programs (PNPs), and it is not…


    Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) is another robust immigration nominee program mostly desired by its…


    The Yukon Nominee Program (YNP) is relatively uncommon among immigration aspirants, however, it is a…

    There is danger in free assessment

    Comprehensive Assessment

    We will assess you against all (110+) Canadian immigration programs and we are confident we will find a suitable immigration program(s) for you. You just need to connect with us to unlock Canadian visas, immigration and citizenship opportunities for you at the most suitable, fastest and economical way possible.

    ما شما را با تمام (110+) برنامه های مهاجرت کانادا ارزیابی خواهیم کرد و اطمینان داریم که برایتان یک برنامه مناسب مهاجرت پیدا خواهیم کرد. شما فقط باید با ما در ارتباط شوید تا ویزای کانادا ، فرصت های مهاجرت و شهروندی را به مناسب ترین ، سریعترین و اقتصادی ترین حالت ممکن برای تان باز نماییم

    موږ تاسو د ټولو (110+) کاناډا مهاجرت برنامو په مقابل کې ارزیابي کوو او تاسې ډاډه کوو چې تاسې ته یوه مناسبه برنامه پیدا کولای شو. یواځې دومره وکړئ د کاناډا ویزې ، امیګریشن او د تابعیت فرصتونو ترلاسه کولو لپاره له موږ سره اړیکه ونیسئ مونږ به تاسې ته ترټولو اسانه ، ګړندۍ او خورا اقتصادي لارې دروازه پرانیزو

    Avoid Human Errors


    On the firm side we use high-tech databases and automations to expedite data entry, avoid duplication of efforts and reduce human errors.

    Every client has access to personal dashboard, where they can fill out all application forms, upload documents, pay pending dues, and get updates about their case(s) among others.

    Inside the client's dashboard, all forms are linked to one another, therefore the data is automatically transferred to other relevant forms. This immensely reduces data entry time and makes the entire immigration process more efficient.

    Why Unlock Immigration?

    We do what other immigration law / consulting firms don’t; we educate and empower YOU! Because we believe Unlocking starts with U. We will educate you along your immigration journey so you can make better quality decisions and use the knowledge to settle in Canada easily.

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    Programs on our Database


    Canadian Provinces Covered

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    Years of Public / Private Sectors Experience

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    Years of Canadian Immigration Experience

    About us

    I relentlessly worked in the immigration industry for nearly four years under the supervision of very capable lawyers who provided immigration and criminal law services to immigrants, sponsors, citizens and inadmissible applicants.

    However, I noticed there was a wide gap of unmet expectations; clients needed options and lawyers were only providing a few services. It reminded me of the law of instruments; “give a small boy a hammer, and he will find that everything he encounters needs pounding”. A wide range of needs cannot be fulfilled with a few immigration services that the majority of the lawyers offer.

    I had an acquaintance who wanted to stay in Canada longer and wanted to switch from student status to worker status. Despite visiting at least three lawyers and consultants he would still come to me and would explore various immigration options with me.

    I was still working with a different lawyer so I could not help him much, but I would give him printouts of immigration tables, names and links of the programs, etc. so he could choose which one of these tens of programs best suit his needs. I believe the majority of the immigrants have similar experiences.

    Immigration is all about options in the first place! I will give you all options you qualify for and give you an expert opinion on which option you can pursue further. If I make a mistake or gave you the wrong immigration option and thus got rejected, we will complete your next application entirely FREE plus give you five hours of completely free immigration consultation! That is at least $5000 in penalty! We bet on our services, expertise and professionalism so you can pursue with us confidently.

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