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Canada Immigration: All Permanent Residence Programs: New Compact Size 7*10 in, 180 pages, Federal, PNPs, Quebec, Family, H&C, Refugees…

Canada Immigration: All Permanent Residence Programs: US Trade Size 6*9 inch, 240 pages, Federal, PNPs, Quebec, Family, H&C, Refugees…

Canada Immigration: All Permanent Residence Programs | E-book for Kindle. Also available on Apple, Kobo, Scribd, and others …

Work Book for Canada Immigration: Motivational, Functional, Trim 6*9, pages 100, keep on track diary and workbook.

Active Client File Register: 100 pages, with the table for lawyers, paralegal and consultants’ use. Ref.: Legal Office Administration.

Why this book?

During the initial consultation; every aspiring immigrant asks me the same three questions; what are my Canadian immigration options, what are the requirements of my chosen immigration program and how to apply? In this book, you will find answers to these three questions regarding each and every single permanent residence program of Canada.

If you are a doer, you are definitely able to get an overview of all permanent residence programs in this book.

This book should be the first step in starting your immigration journey. Browse through the book, read every immigration program, do your homework (workbook available) and after selecting the right program(s), go to the government source and read through additional details. This strategy will give you clarity of mind, so you can easily understand what are your Canadian immigration options, what are their requirements and how to apply.

Finally, I hope this book is helpful in its current shape and form. If you have suggestions, comments or want to reach out to me about Canadian immigration, please feel free to contact me via my practice website:

Note: This book is available in three different formats. The first format is a compact size printed on 7*10-inch paper, the second format is printed on a regular trade size paper, the third format is soft/ebook for kindle.

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