International Graduate Category

This program is for recent graduates with a post-graduation work permit and a job from a local employer. 

How to apply?

Create an online profile at OIM (Office of Immigration and Multiculturalism) and submit the application electronically.


LanguageMinimum CLB 4 is required in all four categories in either English or French.
Experience Must have a post-graduation work permit (PGWP) with 4 months validity remaining at the time of the application. The applicant should be working in a job that is related to their field of study (There is an exception to Memorial University/College of the North Atlantic graduates with several conditions). 
Job OfferMust have a full-time job offer from an N.L employer in a NOC 0, A or B or in a NOC C occupation if the job offer is in in-demand occupations. The job offer must be for at least one year with the expectation of extension.
EducationMust have 2 years post-secondary education in Canada or 1-year degree/diploma program with prior mandatory education.
Settlement FundsSufficient settlement fund to support himself and dependent family members in N.L.
OthersAge: must be between 21 to 59 years of age. Out of Province graduates: If the applicant is graduated from outside of N.L, then they must work for at least 1 year in NL before submitting the NLPNP application. Ownership: If you own a business in which you are employed, you must not own more than 10% of the company.


(Accessed in Sep 2021).

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