Canadian businesses welcome changes to the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP)

Canadian businesses welcome changes to the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot (EMPP)


On March 27, 2023, the Honourable Sean Fraser, Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship, announced that Canada was launching a new federal economic pathway under the EMPP to help Canadian employers hire skilled refugees and other displaced individuals.

Today, Canada is meeting this commitment, rolling out two new economic streams under the new federal EMPP pathway.

Here is what some businesses are saying about how this initiative will help them meet their labour shortages:

“Walmart Canada welcomes this expanded government program and applauds the creation of further economic opportunities for new Canadians. Programs like EMPP are important in breaking down barriers to employment for newcomers and helping them find their footing in their new country. As one of Canada’s most diverse and inclusive companies, we look forward to providing even more newcomers with fulfilling, long-term employment opportunities with Walmart Canada through this collaboration with the Government of Canada.

– Patricio Dallan, Senior Vice President, Supply Chain, Walmart Canada

“Long-term care homes desperately need talent, and there are capable workers around the world who are ready to provide excellent care. It’s critical we open up the immigration pathways for them. By long-term care focusing on the EMPP and other new immigration opportunities, we are taking concrete steps to improve the care older Canadians will receive coast to coast.”

– Jodi Hall, CEO, Canadian Association of Long-Term Care

“Today’s announcement makes significant headway in aligning immigration policy with labour force needs to the benefit of both refugees and Canadian businesses. The inclusion of TEER 4 and 5 occupations in the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot will help hotels fill in-demand, year-round positions like housekeepers, while providing meaningful employment and stability to refugees. We are grateful to the Government of Canada for partnering with our industry to find innovative solutions to our labour crisis that work for everyone.”  

– Susie Grynol, President and CEO, Hotel Association of Canada

“Similar to many industries in Canada, the mechanical contracting sector is facing acute labour shortages that have the potential to significantly hamper productivity and slow economic growth. Through the Economic Mobility Pathways Pilot, the Government of Canada has provided employers with an important tool to address skilled worker shortages and to supplement our domestic training capacity with the permanent skilled workers we will need from abroad. As an association, we are excited about the innovative changes being introduced, which will create a more efficient and cost-effective means for employers to access a talented pool of workers.”

– Tania Johnston, CEO, Mechanical Contractors Association of Canada

“Canada’s construction industry confronts formidable labour market challenges due to shifting demographics and the imminent retirement of a substantial portion of its workforce in the coming years. To meet the long-term demands of the Canadian economy and to ensure the construction labour force can continue to respond effectively to increasing demands for construction services, employers must have improved access to the large global talent pool to help augment our domestic recruitment efforts. By expanding the EMPP, the industry gains improved access to skilled refugees, thereby supporting the enduring needs of the Canadian economy while upholding our unwavering humanitarian values.”

– Bill Ferreira, Executive Director, BuildForce Canada

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