Refugee Protection Division Member Recruitment

The Refugee Protection Division (RPD) has an immediate need to staff multiple member (decision-maker) positions (current and anticipated vacancies). There is an immediate need to hire more bilingual members in our Montreal office.

Working as decision-makers at Canada’s largest administrative tribunal, RPD members conduct proceedings in a fair and expeditious manner and render timely decisions on claims for refugee protection made in Canada. RPD decision-makers are highly specialized and trained to conduct impartial and efficient proceedings.

To fill these positions, the RPD put in place a national selection process to create an inventory of candidates. The next wave of applicants to be assessed will be drawn from this inventory on April 30, 2018 at 11:59 pm PDT. Interested candidates are invited to submit their applications. Candidates who have already successfully applied remain in the inventory and are not required to reapply. For more information, and to apply for this position please visit the advertised process.