Permanent immigration pilot program for orderlies: for both “Work” and “work-study” streams.

This program is designed for persons who are currently working the orderly occupation NOC 3413 (Nurse aide, orderly and patient service associate) and willing to settle permanently in Québec.

How to apply?

Create an account on the Arrima platform which is an expression of interest system for skilled workers who want to settle in the province of Québec. Similar to the IRCC Express Entry system, Arrima is also based on points.


Point SystemArrima
LanguageCNLC level 7 for the French language.
Experience Conditions for Work Stream: must have worked for 2 years (24 months) in the last 3 years (36 months) before the application in Québec in the field of olderly, OR, at least 12 months of work experience in health-related occupation (health care etc) outside of Québec and at least 12 months of work experience as an olderly in Québec in the last 3 years. Conditions for the Work-study stream: must have 12 months olderly work experience in Québec obtained within the last 24 months before the application. Work experience during studies is not counted.
Job OfferConditions for the Work-study stream: After completing your studies, you must have been hired by a Québec employer and have obtained a work permit.
EducationConditions for Work Stream: Hold at least 1-year diploma related to olderly occupation. Conditions for the Work-study stream: must have obtained in the past 24 months a Québec diploma leading to the occupation of Olderly. The study program is called “Institutional and Home Care Assistance” and have obtained a secondary diploma in vocational studies.
Settlement FundsConditions for Work Stream: sign a self-sufficiency contract.
OthersAge: 18 years or above.


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