Farm Owner and Operator Category – Young Farmer Stream

This is for young farm entrepreneurs under 40 years of age to establish a farming business in rural Saskatchewan and earn permanent residence.  

How to apply?

You must complete the application forms and submit them along with all supporting documents, to a specific email address. Your application will be assessed, and you may be asked for an interview. If the outcome was positive, you will be sent a Nomination Approval and Request for Deposit ($75000 in good faith deposit), and you will also be asked to complete the Business Performance Agreement so you can be nominated. After the decision is made for your nomination, you will receive a nomination package that includes a nomination certificate and instructions on how to apply for permanent residence to IRCC. After the nomination, you will need to apply to IRCC for nomination and sending the complete PR application along with the nomination certificate. Once you arrive in Saskatchewan, you will need to attend a landing interview. After six months of starting your business, you can also send a request to return your Good Faith Deposit.


Provincial Point SystemFarm Owner/Operator Category Intent Grid which include points for visit (15 points), Business Contacts (20 points), Business Development (20 points), Homeownership (10 points), English Competency (15 points), Community/Family Contacts (10 points), and Commitment (10 points). Total Point: 100
Pass scoreScore at least 55 points.
ExperienceMust have at least 3 years’ experience in Farm ownership, farm management, or practical farming experience. 
Settlement FundsYou or your spouse must be able to supplement your farming income until self-sufficiency.
OthersAge: Be under 40 at the time of application. Networth: minimum of $300,000.Investment: A minimum of $150,000. Your farm must be able to generate at least $10,000 in annual revenue.  Refundable Cash Deposit: Must deposit $75000 in “good faith” in trust. Farm Proposal Viability: provide a proposal for commercial farming in Saskatchewan.  


(Accessed in Sep 2021).

How to get started?


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