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There are 115+ Canadian immigration programs, it is nearly impossible for an ordinary person to assess himself/herself with all these individually and then decide which one is a perfect match. Immigration aspirants search for random immigration programs and then start assessing their eligibility, which is a waste of time and resources.

We are here to assess you against all or any one particular program in a more organized and efficient manner, thus saving you time, money and other limited resources.

Following is a list of our most frequently asked services, please feel free to contact us shall you have any particular request not listed here.

Assessments for:

  • General Non-business immigration streams assessment.
  • General business, self-employed immigration streams.
  • Specific program/topic assessment.
  • Student assessment.
  • Sponsorship assessment.
  • Visas and permits eligibility assessment.

How to get started?


Get S.M.A.R.T immigration objectives to avoid wasting time and resources.


Evaluate your immigration options to do what you can and avoid what you can’t.


Submit a professional, complete and correct application without breaking the bank.

Unlock Services

Our full-service immigration firm provides comprehensive immigration and citizenship services. A list of commonly requested services is provided here. For details please click the (Read More) link under each box. If you can not find any specific service, please feel free to contact us.

Temporary Residence

Over 35 million people visit Canada every year to take…

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Permanent Residence

In 2019, Canada received more than 341,000 permanent residents, including…

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Refugees and asylum

In 2019 alone, Canada resettled 30,000 refugees from abroad. Canada…

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Permanent Resident Status and Documents

A PR card is not a status, it is a…

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Provincial Nominee Programs

PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the most…

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Business and Self-employment

The self-employment program enables people to immigrate to Canada...

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There are different ways for people to become Canadian citizens,…

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Every person is unique, and every immigration program is also…

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There are 115+ Canadian immigration programs, it is nearly impossible…

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