11 provinces of Canada has more than 100 immigration programs.

PNPs or Provincial Nominee Programs are one of the most versatile and complicated ones in the Canadian immigration system. Therefore, it is often one of the most ignored programs as well. However, majority of the applicants who would not qualify for the major federal immigration programs would be able to get nomination or offer here. It is very important to consider PNPs as part of your immigration strategy to Canada.

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How the Provincial Nominee Program works

PNPs are suitable for workers who have the following abilities: have skills, education and work experience, can contribute to the economy of a particular province or region, live in that province, and wish to obtain provincial nomination to become permanent residents of Canada. Every province, and region of Canada has different requirements for each program. Therefore, it is vital to know each province first, and then know the requirement of each program to be successful. 

Provinces may target any or all of the following category in different times:

  • students
  • business people
  • skilled workers
  • semi-skilled workers

Understand the application options

The application method depends on the process of the provincial nomination program you are applying for. You may need to apply via Express Entry, paper or online. As part of the process, you must undergo a physical examination and bring a police certificate. Everyone must pass these tests, no matter where they want to live in Canada.

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