This book is intended to complement the main book called Unlock Canada Immigration (Ultimate Guide). However, if you have a prior understanding of the Canadian immigration system and its various components, you would still be able to independently use this book for permanent immigration to Canada.

This book contains all the permanent residence programs that both the federal and provincial governments of Canada offer. It includes economic immigration programs, family immigration programs, refugees and protected persons, and humanitarian immigration programs among others.

The following programs are discussed in extensive detail:

  • Eleven (11) Federal Immigration Programs,
  • Three (3) Major Refugees and Protected Persons Programs,
  • Twelve (12) Quebec immigration categories,
  • Eight (8) Alberta Advantage Immigration Programs (AAIP),
  • Fourteen (14) British Columbia Provincial Nominee Programs (BCPNP),
  • Eight (8) Manitoba Renewed Provincial Nominee Programs (MPNP),
  • Six (6) New Brunswick Provincial Nominee Programs (NCPNP),
  • Six (6) Newfoundland and Labrador Provincial Nominee Programs (NLPNP),
  • Nine (9) Nova Scotia Nominee Programs (NSNP),
  • Four (4) Northwest Territories Nominee Programs (NWTNP),
  • Nine (9) Ontario Immigrant Nominee Programs (OINP),
  • Five (5) Prince Edward Island Provincial Nominee Programs (PEIPNP),
  • Eighteen (18) Saskatchewan Immigration Nominee Programs (SINP),
  • Eight (8) Yukon Nominee Program (YNP),

This book has the following updates:

  • NOC 2016 codes are converted to the new NOC 2021 codes,
  • All programs are updated e as of Jan 7, 2023,
  • Includes comprehensive profile of immigrant-accepting provinces of Canada,
  • Each immigration program contains the following sections:
    – Brief introduction of the program,
    – How to apply?
    – Program eligibility requirements,
    – and a link(s) to the official website.
  • The “Program Finder” table compiles all permanent residence immigration programs offered by Canada for the following seven groups of immigrants:
    • Skilled workers,
    • Semi-skilled workers,
    • Students,
    • Businesspersons/self-employed persons,
    • Healthcare workers including physicians, nurses etc.
    • Employers and community-driven programs,
    • French speakers.
  • Moreover, the “program finder” table classifies all immigration programs into the following categories:
    • Express Entry,
    • Non-express entry
    • point-based,
    • Job Offer requirement
    • and finally, whether Canadian/provincial residence is required.

This is the only book on the market that comprehensively and extensively covers all Canadian immigration programs from A to Z, if there was a book like this on the market, I would never commit time from my busy schedule to write this one.

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