YEE Skilled Worker Program

Employers can hire skilled workers under the YEE skilled worker program if the employees are already accepted in the IRCC’s express entry pool, and you want them to work in your business in Yukon. 

How to apply?

Employers can hire through the express entry stream if their vacant positions fall under the NOC 0, A or B. It has the following steps. The employer finds a qualified foreign national through Canada’s job bank or the Yukon Express Entry stream (under the YNP). The foreign national must already have an IRCC Express Entry profile. The employer has to complete the YEE application form together with the foreign national. The foreign national or employer has to submit the application along with all supporting documents to the Government of Yukon Immigration Unit by mail or courier. The federal government invites the foreign national to apply for permanent residence. Once the permanent residence application forms and supporting documents are submitted to IRCC, the Yukon government and IRCC both work together on verifying the information and documents and then IRCC gave the permanent residence visa to foreign national.


Point SystemMust have a federal Express Entry Profile.
Pass scoreMust score 67/100 to be eligible under the FSWP.
LanguageBesides meeting the YNP language criteria for Critical Impact Worker Program and Skilled Worker Program, the applicant must meet the minimum language criteria for FSW.
ExperienceBesides meeting the YNP Critical Impact Worker Program, Skilled Worker Program criteria, the applicant must meet the minimum experience criteria for FSW.
Job OfferMust have a job offer from a Yukon employer in NOC type 0 or skill levels A or B.
EducationBesides meeting the YNP Critical Impact Worker Program, Skilled Worker Program criteria, the applicant must meet the minimum education criteria for FSW.
Settlement FundsMeet the IRCC settlement fund criteria.
Processing Time 
OthersPlan to live in Yukon.


(Accessed in Sep 2021).

How to get started?


Get S.M.A.R.T immigration objectives to avoid wasting time and resources.


Evaluate your immigration options to do what you can and avoid what you can’t.


Submit a professional, complete and correct application without breaking the bank.

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