Yukon Community Program (YCP) 2023

This program is for employers in specific small communities to have some degree of flexibility in hiring seasonal workers based on the seasonal nature of the employment in the territory. This program only kicks in if the employers prove that other YNP streams do not meet their needs. This program is for employers in the following specific regions: Carcross; Carmacks; Dawson City; Haines Junction; Watson Lake; and Whitehorse.

Employers can create a single full-time position with up to 3 occupations, and up to three employers in a single community can come together to create 1 full-time job for 1 person.

How to apply? Like all other employer-driven streams, the employer has to be registered for this program to be eligible to hire a foreign worker under this stream. Once the employer exhausted all local and national recruitment channels, then up to three employers can offer a foreign national a full-time, permanent job offer and require them to complete immigration documents for nomination. The employer(s) will need to submit the nomination application on behalf of the employee to the Yukon Community Program (YCP). Once the application is approved, the employee will be nominated and asked to submit a temporary work permit application and an application for permanent residence to IRCC. The nominee can work under the temporary work permit until the permanent residence application is completed.

All requirements for foreign workers under the YCP are the same as those under the other YNP worker streams.
Job OfferA job offer is necessary, however, if you have 2 to 3 part-time job offers from 1 to 3 eligible Yukon employers you can still be eligible for this program.



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