IRCC has several immigration portals for various purposes, which are often confusing or difficult to understand. Following are links of most portals that are useful for a majority of the immigrants or the immigration experts.

Application Processes

  1. Apply for Canadian Citizenship Online: This portal allows individuals to apply for Canadian citizenship online, simplifying the process. []
  2. Permanent Residence Portal: A platform for applicants to submit and manage their applications for permanent residency in Canada. []
  3. Representative Permanent Residence (PR) Portal: Designed for representatives managing clients’ permanent residence applications, streamlining the submission and tracking process. []
  4. LMIA Online – Pilot with Job Bank: A portal for employers to apply for a Labour Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), necessary for hiring foreign workers. []

Account and Representative Services

  1. Get an IRCC Portal Account: For clients to create an account to access various IRCC services online. []
  2. IRCC Secure Account: A secure platform for clients to manage their applications and stay updated on their status. []
  3. IRCC Account for Representatives: For authorized representatives to manage their clients’ immigration applications. []
  4. Authorized Paid Representatives Portal: This portal provides access to immigration consultants, lawyers, and other paid representatives to conduct business with IRCC. []
  5. Employer Portal: A service for employers to submit offers of employment to foreign nationals. []

Payment and Fee Services

  1. Direct portal to Pay Application Fees Online: Enables the online payment of application fees for various immigration and citizenship services. []
  2. Guided Portal to Pay Fees Online: A general portal for the payment of various IRCC-related fees. []

Status Tracking and Inquiries

  1. Application Status Tracker: A tool for clients to track the status of their immigration or citizenship application. []
  2. Client Application Status: Allows clients to check the status of their application online. []
  3. Ask About or Update Your Application: For inquiries and updates regarding immigration applications. []
  4. IRCC Webform: A contact form for inquiries and information requests related to immigration applications. []
  5. IRCC Webform – Hong Kong: Specifically for inquiries from clients in Hong Kong. []
  6. IRCC Web Form – Contact Us Online: An online contact form for general inquiries related to IRCC services. []

Specialized Services

  1. Access to Information and Privacy (ATIP) Online Request: For submitting requests under the Access to Information Act or Privacy Act. []
  2. My Case IRB: A portal for clients to access their case information with the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada. []
  3. Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA) Status: Check the status of an eTA application, required for visa-exempt foreign nationals traveling to Canada by air. []
  4. Biometrics Validity Check: Find out the validity of biometrics submitted as part of immigration applications. []
  5. Canadian Refugee Protection Portal: Claim refugee status from in Canada: How to apply.

Information and Resources

  1. IRCC Service Standards: Information on the service standards and timelines for IRCC services. []
  2. Mandate: Details on IRCC’s mandate and approach to building a stronger immigration system. []
  3. Check Processing Times: Provides current processing times for various types of applications. []
  4. Designated Learning Institutions List: A list of schools at which international students may study. []
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