We advise everyone to start their immigration process with a consultation. I wish I knew this when I was immigrating.

Every person is unique, and every immigration program is also distinct from another immigration program. Therefore, it is necessary to have an individualized immigration plan before starting your year long immigration journey to avoid unnecessary interruptions in your current and future endeavours.

We will advise you with not only immigration matters, but will also guide you on your customized and individualized settlement plans in Canada, provide you with essential briefings, Dos and Donts for before and after arrival, and contacts inforamtion for support organizations among others. Of course, since these extras are not part of the immigration consultation, therefore, you should ask us about your special needs and we would be happy to respond.

We are available for a wide verity of consultation, however, following types of consultations are frequnetly requested by potential immigrants.

  • General: Overview of Canadian immigration systems, programs, and briefs of a particular immigration program as per the request of the client.
  • Thematic: Overview of a particular immigration category such as Express Entry programs.
  • Regional: Overview of regional immigration programs such as immigrating to British Columbia, Alberta, Ontario, etc.
  • Business: Overview of business immigration opportunities across Canada or any province of Canada such as in British Columbia, Yukon, etc.
  • Specific: Detailed explanation of a specific topic such as spousal sponsorship, refugees sponsorship, parents and grant parents sponsorship, information about specific types of visas such as Super visa, student visa, work permits, temporary resident permit, etc.
  • Written: Written consultation, diagrams, summaries, critical analysis of any specific or general immigration matter.

Consultations are usually per hour, however, we have special packages such as unlimited time consultation on a fixed fee. For pricing please refer to the pricing menu or click here.

How to get started?

Canadian Immigration System

Canada's immigration system is based on three pillars, each pillar includes multiple classes, and each class includes multiple programs. These three pillars include Temporary Residence, Permanent Residence, and Citizenship. This website contains all of these programs in various places, however, the followings are a few programs that we have selected for your ease of access.

Come to Canada as a Visitor, Stay in Canada as a Worker!

The Canadian government has announced an extension of the temporary…

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Temporary Residence

Over 35 million people visit Canada every year to take…

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Permanent Residence

In 2019, Canada received more than 341,000 permanent residents, including…

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Refugees and asylum

In 2019 alone, Canada resettled 30,000 refugees from abroad. Canada…

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Permanent Resident Status and Documents

A PR card is not a status, it is a…

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Tourist & Visitor Visas

Canada’s Tourist and Visitor visa has four types: 1. Multiple…

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