Skilled Workers Overseas Stream – Human Capital Pathway

This program is intended for international skilled workers whose skills and trainings are aligned with Manitoba’s in-demand occupations. How to apply? Create a government of Manitoba account and submit an expression of interest. You will be ranked and placed in…

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Skilled Workers Overseas Stream – Manitoba Express Entry Pathway

This program is for skilled, trained, and experienced persons whose work is included in Manitoba’s in-demand occupation list, and who also have strong family connections in Manitoba. How to apply? You must have an IRCC express entry profile and also…

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Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream – Employer Direct Recruitment Pathway

This pathway is for applicants who are interviewed outside of Canada by the MPNP and an eligible employer and received an Invitation to Apply from the MPNP. How to apply? Qualified employers will provide MPNP with list(s) of candidates who…

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Skilled Worker in Manitoba Stream – Manitoba Work Experience Pathway

This pathway is for applicants currently working in Manitoba with temporary work permits, including Temporary Foreign Workers (LMIA, LMIA-exempt and MPNP-supported work permits), International Students who are out-of-province graduates, International Students who are Manitoba graduates working in jobs, not on…

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Business Investor Stream (BIS) – Farm Investor Pathway (FIP)

The Pathway permanent residence program is for individuals with proven farm business experience, sufficient available capital to invest, and who intend to establish and operate a farm operation in rural Manitoba. How to apply? At the time of writing, there…

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Business Investor Stream (BIS) – Entrepreneur Pathway

This permanent residence program is for qualified businesspersons from around the world who have the intent and ability to move to Manitoba and establish, purchase a business, or become partners in an existing business within the first 24 months of…

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International Education Stream (IES) – International Student Entrepreneur Pilot

The International Student Entrepreneur Pilot will provide up to 20 (per calendar year) international students who have graduated in Manitoba the opportunity to pursue entrepreneurship rather than employment. Once the applicant meets the conditions of their Business Performance Agreement, they…

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International Education Stream (IES) – Graduate Internship Pathway

The Graduate Internship Pathway provides faster nomination pathways for international student master and doctoral graduates through internships contributing to industry innovation in Manitoba. Graduates who complete an Accelerate or Elevate internship with Mitacs in Manitoba can apply to the MPNP…

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International Education Stream (IES) – Career Employment Pathway

This program provides faster nomination pathways for post-secondary students who graduate and find long-term employment in Manitoba in an in-demand occupation consistent with their training. If you qualify, you can apply immediately to MPNP after graduating and obtaining the job…

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